vrijdag 30 december 2011

Shaping of a V-Rod rear fender

Today I started making a new rear fender for a V-Rod.
First I made a mold out of cardboard and traced it onto sheetmetal.
After a few hours of pounding the sh*t out of them, de side pieces started to look pretty good.
Tomorrow I'll try the top and maybe the fixing points.

zaterdag 24 december 2011

I've spoiled myself !!

I bought the Fuji X10 :-)
for a while now I was thinking about a high-end compact to go along with my Nikon D200 (I've tried the Canon G11 before, remember). And I almost decided on the Panasonic LX5 untill I had that sweet X10 in my hands. Certainly I was aware of the camera and it's good reviews, but I thought it was a bit to pricey (well.. it still is but anyway).
But I'm so glad I bought it!
Here are some test shots I took today while I was working on a Sportster '48'.

 I was very surprised by the high ISO capability's regarding the noise, it's even better than the D200.
And the panorama function is pretty cool to, here's a photo from inside the shop (Exclusive Motorbikes)

dinsdag 20 december 2011


.. It's a bit quiet here isn't it..
So let's change that! I saw this video earlier whitch was an advertisement video for Breitling watches (I'm not really advertising for them here, although if they would send me one of their watches, maybe I might! :-)  ).
Watching the video I couldn't resist of using that magical key on the keyboard that says 'Prt Scr'.
See for yourself why!

Apart for that it was a pretty stupid video, or better said the guy in it is very stupid!

(here's the video: )

donderdag 8 december 2011

over 5000 visitors! Thanks guys!!

Over 5000 visitors in little over a year! Thanks to everyone!
So It is time for a new header I think ;-)
I was playing around in Photoshop today and thought this looked cool.
It's just a rough version, I'll be perfecting it in the following days (make the text more clear)

Appart from that there's not much going on here.. I've been sitting at home for a while now with a busted up elbow. It's frustrating like hell, I've got so many ideas for my bike (yes I'm gonna change it again!) but I can't do sh*t!