donderdag 1 december 2011

my old 750cc Flathead

I believe I talked about my old flathead before, maybe even put up some photo's (can't really remember at the moment), anyhow I just found this old photograph from when I was building it.
After it looked like this I had put some 21" wheels in it. That didn't look bad, but seeing this photo made me realize that this was way much better...  Ah well, I don't even have the bike anymore, so it doesn't really matter!

But it is making me thinking about my hartail sporty.. maybe I should cut-up the frame, and make it so I can put a short springer front-end in..??

Oh yeah, you can be damn sure I bounce my head to the wall at least 5times a day for selling this nice old bike!! (F*ck that was a stupid move!!)

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