donderdag 13 januari 2011


Well, I've got to make a difficult choice...
I've got this great cool semi-Pro Nikon stuff (D300s with a bunch of glass) but I'm tired of having to carry all that sh*t along, especially on the bike! (... and I need some money!)
If I'm really honest to myself, I can't stop thinking that all that great gear I've got now maybe is a bit overkill for me. So I've spend the last few weeks surfing the Internet to find a somewhat cheaper replacement, that will still give me full control over the camera, with decent quality. Not much to find.. most of the 'compact' camera's have these annoying menus to scroll down in, and they're just to damn.. small!
Until I saw the Fuji X100! great looking, completely manual settings like the old analog cameras,.. BUT: Not for sale until March 2011!!
So instead I'm trying out a used Canon G11 now.
Being a Nikon-dude, I must admit, I'm quite surprised by the little machine. the picture above is taken with it, with 2 external flashes: an old Minolta Program 2800AF on the right in the garage facing me, and another one, a Nikon SB800 with orange color-gel, high up behind me. I was happy to find out that I could still use the Yongnuo RF-602 Transmitter/receiver because the set I have is 'more suitable for nikon' (oh yes, that's what's on the box: more suitable for.. lol).
Anyway, I'll be trying out this little thing more during the upcoming weekend, so I just might post new stuff up here pretty soon!


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