woensdag 27 juli 2011

My sweet little red Chopper (in the rain)

SO.. I've been playing around with some scrap-parts yesterday.. Not to make anything for the bike, but to get my speedlights on a stand, with a shoot through umbrella. Uhm, yes, photography-stuff :-)
And ofcourse I had to try em out as soon as possible (= when the welds cooled off!).
Here's some photo's of my ride, shot with two remote operated flashes with shoot-through umbrellas:
By the way, this bike is the result of 6 long months, working on it like hell, changing it over and over again, until... this! (And it's still not really finished)

Upcoming weeks I'll be playing around with them more, hoping to learn how to control the light a little better.
(PS: any hints are welcome!!)

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