dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

1995 Enfield Bullet 500

I've got this old Enfield standing around. I got it from a friend who said that the last time it was running was about 6 years ago.
So... as soon as I pushed the kicker down, I noticed that something was wrong, there was absolutely no compression.
First thought was a leaking decompression valve, so I took it out to take a look. When it was out I thought to kick it again and as I did I discovered that the piston didn't move whilst kicking...
I think it's a smart idea to wait until I've got some manual before I go a lot further, but I'm gonna try to get the cylinder head removed tomorrow and see what happens. (Tried it today as well, but couldn't get it to come loose right away and I didn't had more time so..)
Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted!
Oh yeah, if I get it running, I've got some nice plans with it :-)

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