woensdag 18 april 2012

DieCo's Panhead Day one

a few days ago I teased you a bit with those photo's, but now I can officially say that I'm the owner of a 1950 Hydra Glide.
I picked it up earlier this evening and couldn't resist to start tearing it apart.

and 4 hours later:

This way it all looks optimistic, but this is just a 'loose' mock up to see what it will become.
There still is a lot to do! the guy I bought it from had it for about 10 years, when he bought it it was in running condition and completely '70 style. He then started to bring it back to (more or less) it's original looks, but that stopped 7 years ago. Since then the bike was standing in a shack underneath a plastic cover.

When I kick it, it feels like there's good compression so.. not sure if I would open up the engine and do a good inspection, or just try to get it running... We'll see..

The frame needs some work to I think, it looks okay in most places but in other... not so much!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting this beauty on the road!

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