maandag 23 april 2012

DieCo's Panhead Day two

I test fitted my 'secret cable-to-hydrolic system' today.
I don't give a damn about 'period correctness' or 'true old school' or whatever.. I just want a cool bike that looks old, but is up to today's traffic. And especially here in Belgium.. traffic is crazy!
So.. I want a front disc brake. I was looking for some nice clean master-cylinder for it, but couldn't find anything.
What I did find was a Kustom-Tech cable-to-hydrolic system. I'm going to put it behind the fork cover, that way, I have a clean handlebar, but still a disc brake.

Also started drilling holes to mount the gastank. That wasn't an easy job, the frame has about a ton of filler on it and that causes the drill to go anywhere but where it has to go..
Tomorrow I'll be welding a little tube into the hole to strengthen it and then the gastank is fitted :-)

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