woensdag 25 april 2012

yesterday, I've worked on the bike for 4 hours, finnishing at 0:00.
Did a lot to it, but we didn't get much done.
It started with the new ignition, turned out that the bolts to mount it where to thick and treads in the holes of the engine were worn out. We've put in some helicoils, drilled out the holes in the base-plate of the ignition en started to bolt it in. then we discovered that the heads of the new bolts where to thick.. so we had to look for others.
putting the cylinder back on was a piece of cake (but only after we took the generator out).
Then the primary... I ordered a adjusting kit, double adjustable, but now we found out that the gearbox is equipped for a single adjustable kit..
We put the pulley's and belt on anyway (will install the adjusting kit later) but when we tried to fasten the front pulley, suddenly all the treads of the nut ran away.. and I didn't had the right nut at hand...
Well, better luck tonight I hope!

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